Long-Term Services

There are some children and youth who, as a result of varying circumstances, need our support for an extended period of time. We provide group homes for children in the foster care system, residential treatment for youth with substance abuse and mental health disorders, and transitional housing and services for youth who are homeless or aging out of the foster care system. For young people with intense needs such as these, we provide the consistent and caring relationships and safe environments that will help them overcome challenging circumstances.

Featured Program: The Reilly Center for Children and Families

For more than a quarter century, Volunteers of America of Greater Baton Rouge has carried out a special ministry to some very unique Louisiana children — those who have been traumatized to the core of their being by sexual or physical abuse, chronic neglect or abandonment. These children require intensive therapy and loving care to help them grow to lead normal, healthy lives. The Reilly Center for Children and Families, a program of Volunteers of America of Greater Baton Rouge provides a loving home environment for a small number of abused and neglected children from across Louisiana — eight children at a time.

Featured Program: The Hartman Home

In many respects, Jenn is a typical teenager . . . going to school, proud of the 92 grade she just got on her English essay, enjoying amusement parks, socializing with friends, looking forward to a holiday weekend in Pittsburgh and wanting to succeed. This is only a part of the story though, a small part.